Teenage Drivers

insurance 3 It is an exciting time in a teenage drivers life to get their drivers  license. They are finally free from the chains of their parents.  Your children must be listed on your auto insurance policy when they reach driving age of 15 whether they have their permit or not. With this New found freedom  comes tremendous responsibility. Insuring your teenage driver  properly is extremely  important. Auto insurance rates are based on probability, and unfortunately there is a much greater probability of a newly licensed teenage driver getting into an accident than other age groups.  Statistically the risk of crash per mile driven is three times higher for 16-19 year olds than for other drivers . There are a lot of discounts available for your teenage driver at Florida State Insurance we can make sure you get the best insurance coverage at the best price. For example good grades, driver training, type of vehicle Etc. can all provide additional discounts.. We will design an insurance program that best fits your teenage drivers needs.  Just let us know of upcoming changes including the licensure of your teen driver. We also offer one day tag and title service for your vehicle getting you on the road fast.