Commercial Insurance

insuranceFlorida State Insurance and Auto Tags offers commercial  insurance solutions for business operations within the state of Florida. Our professional insurance staff will work closely with you to design an  insurance program to fit your needs. Working as a team we will generate a comprehensive plan that will satisfy all of  your Commercial insurance needs for now and for the  future of your business. Florida State Insurance and Auto Tags is here to help  your business save money and get the best possible commercial insurance coverage available on the market today.

Many small business owners mistakenly believe that if they have general liability insurance, their own losses are covered as well as the losses of their customers. However, a general liability policy does not protect you when your OWN property is at risk. If you want to protect your property, consider buying a Business Owners Policy (BOP) plan. A Business Owners Policy (BOP) is enhanced insurance that combines general liability insurance and property insurance.

Business Owners Policy (BOP) covers:

  • General liability insurance that protects your business from another person or business’ claims of bodily Injury, associated medical costs and damage to their property.
  • Property Liability Insurance — your business furniture and equipment at up to five different office locations, which includes accidental damage.

You may need a business owners policy if you

  •   Need general liability insurance coverage
  •   Have business equipment
  •   Own the building in which you work and need to insure the property
  •   Own and work with large amounts of data on a regular basis that could be hacked or stolen
  •   Have employees who could act dishonestly or steal client’s electronic information like credit cards or account numbers

We also offer business and commercial tag and title services to keep your service vehicles on the road and save you time and money. Call today and do it right the first time with professional tag and title service from Florida State Insurance and Auto Tags.